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100% Human Hair

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Fascinate, allure, or attract through a combination of beauty and charisma.

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Personally observing, encountering, or undergoing a process.

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Your Natural Beauty Shines Through

Beauty is power.

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We help our clients experience and express the power of their personal beauty, charisma, charm & prestige.

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Wigs & Extensions

Wigs & Extensions

Premium Quality hair products available for sale and installed by our on site experts.

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Makeup Services, color testing, and product selection perfect to enhance your natural glam.

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Skin Care

Skin Care

Facials using our exclusively available products including Flori Roberts and Jeanine.

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Hair Care

Hair Care

All hair care products are designed to enhance your allure.

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Featured Brands

Solutions specifically made for melaninated skin & textured hair.

Skin Care and Makeup products for women of color exclusively available at The Glam Experience.

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Best Skin Care and Make Up for Women of Color or Deeper Skin Tones since 1965.

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Hair Care products for textured hair exclusively available at The Glam Experience.

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Ready To Impress

Our goal is to provide quality products and services that allow our clients to confidently express their best selves.

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